Cut Software License Costs with Asset Vision

Bring Software Asset Management (SAM), Software Metering, Application Portfolio Management together into a cohesive IT business service. With Asset Vision, cutting software license costs and recycling licenses is faster and easier.


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Make IT Cost Optimization a Reality

Optimizing IT costs is, according to Gartner, key to enabling organizations to be more competitive. Asset Vision can provide the intelligence needed to model cost optimization scenarios, with all the advantages of Cloud computing agility.


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IT Cost Transparency, Everywhere You Need It

The first step in optimizing IT costs is to understand what your baselines are—what’s being spent where, and what’s being used and by whom. Asset Vision can do so, even in highly heterogeneous, mobile, or virtualized environments.


More IT Cost Transparency

Four Modules, One Suite Cloud-Based Solution


IT cost optimization can be a reality with Asset Vision.

The four Cloud-based Asset Vision modules stand alone or work together to provide actionable insight into your IT assets. With IT costs more transparent, rapid modeling of IT cost optimization scenarios is a reality.


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Register to demo now, and see how easy it is to get true, accurate, and actionable IT cost optimization and IT cost transparency. You’ll get immediate access to our demo system, including dashboard and reporting interfaces.


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Manage Client and PC Lifecycles End-to-End


Simply need to manage client and PC lifecycles? Download WinINSTALL now, and see why it has been widely adopted, becoming the standard for client and PC Lifecycle Management.


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How Asset Vision Helps CIOs, VP ITs, and Procurement Teams Manage Their IT Business


Traditional approaches to IT asset management have not supported a unified executive view, and have not enabled accurate, rapid “what if?” scenario modeling. Without reliable information and insights, the growth of operational IT costs cannot be optimized.


In contrast, Asset Vision integrates asset discovery, usage measurement and expense analysis, and provides rich reporting capabilities.


This integrated feature combination enables executives to tap their IT procurement professionals or specialist consulting organizations for IT asset reconfiguration, rationalization, recycling or retirement options that dramatically reduce operational costs.


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How Scalable Products and Solutions Help IT Professionals Manage Their IT Infrastructure


Traditionally, IT asset management tools and solutions have required multiple tools to be linked through a combination of domain expertise and spreadsheet gymnastics to merge information from management tools designed for different purposes.


Asset Vision takes a new approach, combining asset discovery, usage measurement and expense analysis. It makes it easy for specialists to report what executives need to know, when they need to know it.


With Asset Vision, IT procurement professionals or specialist consulting organizations can rapidly identify IT asset reconfiguration, rationalization, recycling or retirement options that radically cut IT operational costs.


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